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Eco-Friendly dry cleaning
Laundry Express provides superb, eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundering for your garments. You simply give us a call and your items come back clean, pressed and nicely packaged.

We very carefully inspect each item and follow the manufacturers recommended care instructions. If shirts or pants can be laundered, we will typically launder them, unless you specify otherwise.

If you would like an item handled a special way, you simply give us an instruction and we will take care of it.

Damaged buttons and minor repairs will be fixed free of charge and if there is any problem with your order, we'll take care of it, quickly and hassle free!

Just imagine, no more running home to make it to the dry cleaner before they close.

Our Pricing:

Item Price
T-shirt RMB 14
Shirt RMB 18
Tie, Bow, Vest RMB 18
Suit RMB 46
Pants, Jeans RMB 18
Blazer, Jacket RMB 28
Coat, Heavy Jacket, Down Jacket RMB 48
Down Coat, Woolen Coat RMB 78

Item Price
Blouse, Skirt RMB18
Dress RMB 38
Scarf, Cape (small) RMB 18
Scarf, Cape (big) RMB 32
Top RMB 18
Cardigan, Knit Wear, Sweater RMB 28
Sweater coat RMB 48
Evening Dress RMB 80~380
Wedding Dress RMB 380~680

House Hold Items
Item Price
Bed Sheet (S, D) RMB 28
Bed Spread (S, D) RMB 38
Duvet Cover (S, D) RMB 38
Pillow RMB 40
Pillow Case RMB 12
Blanket -Acrylic (S, D) RMB 78
Blanket -Wool (S, D) RMB 98
Quilt (S, D) RMB 158
Tablecloth RMB 15/m²
Curtain RMB 18/m²
Curtain (Silk/hemp) RMB 20/m²
Cushion (50cm * 50cm) RMB 30
Cushion (100cm * 100cm) RMB 60
Carpet -Acrylic RMB 80/m²
Carpet -Wool RMB 100/m²

Additional Cost:
Item Price
Silk / Rayon / Linen / Wool RMB 10
Cashmere RMB 10
Suede (Fabrics) RMB 30
Leather Trim RMB 30
Special Pleats RMB 20-30
Special Decorations RMB 10-30

Not listed here, no problem, we can take care of it. We charge standard market rates for these items. If a product is not listed here and you want pricing on it, just send us an email.

The clothes will be ready in 2-3 days.

We do our best to ensure that your orders get delivered back on time. However, we also need to ensure that we properly treat stains and press your clothes. In some cases, all of your items may not be ready by the time our drivers leave on their deliveries. We will return all of the completed items first and any missing pieces will be returned later when they are ready. Items such as sheets, pillowcases, hand washed items and other specialty items often require an extra day of processing.

*Our service is available 7 days a week. We are not open on the public holidays.


Order minimum: 80 RMB

The clothes will be returned in 2-3 days.

*Rates are subject to change without notice