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Wedding Dress & evening Gown cleaning

At Laundry Express, we know you will want your dress to look just as perfect when you show it to future generations. Our unique wedding dress cleaning and presentation service will ensure it is preserved in pristine condition for many years to come.

Our friendly staff provide a highly professional and personal service, and clean the most delicate of wedding gowns in all fabrics and silks for both individual and trade customers. Highly embellished fabrics with crystals, beads and sequins are hand cleaned with utmost care. We also clean bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses and christening gowns.

The Process:
We treat all Gowns as unique, and each dress is individually checked and cleaned according to it's own style, design, material components and particular marks and stains.

Upon arrival, your Gown is unpacked, hung and examined by one of our experienced and dedicated team for specific areas requiring attention. We will then contact you to notify you of your Gowns safe arrival and to discuss any findings that we may have made.

Hand Spotting
Specific hand treatment and spotting prior to cleaning using individual stain removal techniques. This can take several hours.

Your Gown is then cleaned using our specially formulated process that is suitable to clean any Wedding Gown including silk, delicate, embellished and hand painted Gowns. We cater for all Gowns including those labelled: Specialist Dry Clean, Spot Clean, 'do not dry clean', and even those that do not carry a cleaning label.

Your Gown will then be hung and re-inspected. If we need to retreat the dress to ensure the finest levels of service then we will do so until we feel that we can go no further.

Hand Finishing
Your Gown will then be hand-steamed, finished and inspected for one final time before being packed.

So if your wedding is the happiest day of your life, why not treasure the memories forever? With Laundry Express wedding dress cleaning service, your dress can remain a beautiful reminder of the occasion.

Our Pricing:

Item Price
Evening Dress RMB 80~380
Wedding Dress RMB 380~780

It takes 7-15 days to finish.


Order minimum: 80 RMB

Turnaround time: 7-15 days.

*Rates are subject to change without notice


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